my cell phone internet speed at RioMar
Cell phone internet speed at RioMar

For the very first time ever we have no Internet for the third day in a row at RioMar. I called CableOnda six times in last 3 days and each time I heard the same answer “should be fixed in few hours”. Except it’s the third day and nothing is fixed yet. But this is what I am using to get internet connection and it works fast: just get your cell phone with a contract/plan. Enable “Mobile hotspot” (I always keep it disables as default since I do not want others to use my limited internet package). So more or less it worked fine for last two days and I still had steady internet. I run a speed test and I was surprised seeing that it’s 15MB/s (!!!) which is way faster that some companies offer as separate mobile internet. I use PlusMobile and I was not even aware that their 4G internet is that fast.
Hopefully we will have internet fixed later today.