Today (Monday Feb. 9 2015) The Home Owners of Avenida Boulevard shut down the Boulevard Road of Coronado in Protest. We spoke with several home owners this afternoon (1:30 p.m.) to find out more about the protest.

We were told by residents of the Boulevard who were in attendance at the Coronado SA meeting yesterday (Sunday Feb. 8 2015) that their protest is in an effort to prevent construction vehicles and workers from passing though the backroads that connect Gorgona to Coronado. These residents feel that developers have a responsibility to ensure their trucks pass though the main Coronado gates and that all workers have a ID card and sign in.

If you live on, or are trying to acess the Boulevard today the best way to do so is by driving though Coronado past the Coronado Country Club, as the road block begins just after the Brisas de Coronado development.


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