Ocean views
Ocean view

1) The waterproofing and painting of the building is in progress. The easiest side, the pool side, has already been done. They are now working on the A side of the building where the driveway is. It is estimated that the entire project should be finished by the end of April

2) the stairs leading down to the beach have ben fixed and a railing down to the bottom has been installed.

3) painting of the parking lot E3 is in progress. The work should be finished by next Monday. Once finished, we will start work on E2.

4) as the lobby door leading to the pool area has yet again broker to pieces, we are now studying the possibility of removing the doors and instead, installing doors and a security card system for entry into the elevators and stairs, leading to the apartments. This would allow the strong winds to flow freely through the main lobby without the constant breaking of the doors. As we know more on the decision taken, I will update you.