US CITIZEN Joanne Knight, 66, and two tourists were among seven people who died in the first two days of Carnsaval2015.
Knight was on her yacht anchored at Isla Colon, two hours sailing time from Bocas del Toro on Sunday, February 15 when she jumped into the sea and hit her head. Relatives tried to resuscitated her but she died.

Two out of country tourists were drowned on Angosta Beach in the Portobelodistrict, on theCosta Arriba, after being warned by lifeguards. The body of one was recovered by National Civil Protection staff (SINAPROC). The other is still missing. A 17-year-old was hit and killed by a car in Gualaca, Chiriqui
A 16-year-old drowned in Chilibre Lake, Alajuela in PanaPprovince.
At noon yesterday, Alonso Galvez Becker, an alleged gang member was executed at noon on Saturday, February 14, at the Fernandez route of Cordoba in Panama City.
In two days of carnival 238 emergencies were dealt with nationwide including 31 traffic accidents with 25 people injured by 10 am on Sunday, when 106,500 vehicles left Panama City for the interior’
The National Air Service combined with a patrol boat to recued 16 people from a boat adrift by in the province of Bocas del Toro.
The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) reported six vessels in Puerto Pedregal, Chiriqui, which will be sanctioned for violating various safety standards, including fishing vessels carrying passengers, others without the use of life jackets, navigation without permission, and with expired licenses.

Courtesy of NewsRoomPanama