To all Rio Mar owners. Please be very careful attending the local restaurants. These located nearby Rio Mar are rather not high-risk places. But try to stay vigilant. Maybe our Rio Mar restaurant is no-risk solution.
Here I would like to post below the latest warning coming from Neighbors Helping Neighbors. If you wish to receive their emails communication, you will need to register with them. The latest information from NHN:

Woody’s Beach Bar robbed for third time in two months!! (by the same three punks)

Two couples from Canada moved to Panama a few months ago to create their retirement dream – a fun, happy restaurant right on the ocean in Panama.
Their dream of retiring to Panama has turned into a nightmare.
Theses two couples have done everything they can do to try to run a sucessful business here in Panama – and it was working – the restaurant has grown to become a very sucessful beach destination for both Panamanians and tourists alike.
Recently they had 140 winners of an on-air radio contest and on-air news anchors from Belleville, Ontario, Canada at the bar for a day of beach games and fun.

Seven weeks ago they were robbed at gunpoint by three masked robbers as they were leaving the bar to go home.
They contacted the Panama Helpline and were given introductions to security companies, private investigators and help reporting the crime to the DIJ.

The owners did everything they could to protect themselves and their customers: they installed security lights, began paying the local police for armed security, they arranged to have their cash picked up by armoured truck, they hired a night security guard, and they are building better fences.
They also hired a private investigator at their own expense, who found out in a matter of hours who these local criminals were, their nick-names and where they live – and passed this report onto the DIJ.
They were promised that arrests were to happen “any day” for the last fifteen days.
The Director of Tourism Jesus Sierra was called and promised fast action two robberies ago

Last night, one of the three known assailants in the last two robberies of Woody’s Beach Bar in Farallon was caught on camera breaking into Woody’s again – for third time!
There have been no arrests or convictions in any of the previous robberies.

The attacks have been getting more and more violent – fifteen shots were fired at the two women owners, and one of the male managers was pistol whipped unconscious in the previous robbery.
The DIJ knows who they are (the criminals didn’t even bother to wear masks the second robbery and they were caught on camera).
The DIJ have FIVE eye witness’s that are willing to identify them and testify against them. The DIJ’s response? Zip. Zero. Nothing.
The victims have filed the proper reports and jumped through all the hoops required in the Accusatory System that is used Coclé – and are paying a lawyer to call the DIJ in Penonomé daily to find out what is going on – yet NOTHING has been done.

Three robberies in seven weeks at the same bar? By the same three punks? And nothing can be done?
These three local punks live in Farallon. They are laughing at the cops. They are walking around Farallon free to rob, assault and steal, seemingly without any action by the POLICE, DIJ, DIP or the Tourist Police.

The owners are selling and getting out of Panama, and no-one blames them a bit.

This will seriously effect Canadian tourism, which is the main market for the all-inclusive resorts such as The Decameron, RUI and Playa Blanca Resorts all based in or near Farallon.
Canadian charter flights are currently the ONLY commercial users of the Scarlett Martinez International Airport.
If they cannot stop Canadians from being shot at – they may as well close down that airport.

President Varela – we are asking for your help.